Life’s Lessons: Isights and Information for a Richer Life (ebook)



Life’s Lessons: Isights and Information for a Richer Life is a mixture of philosophy and practical ideas. It’s a compendium of astute essays on the lessons life provides us and how to use these teachings to create a richer life.

Rebecca imparts her wit and wisdom in this captivating book. She shares her common and uncommon experiences to spawn sage lessons:

  • Insights from a middle-aged mermaid
  • Giving yourself a motivational talk
  • Borrowing courage
  • Creating your own paradise
  • A cup of coffee lasts 40 years
  • Seeing the parallels of hiking a muddy trail on Molokai to how we live life
  • Are you fishing in a bathtub?
  • Understanding the power of our words

Rebecca speaks as if she were sitting next to you, sharing her insights conversationally — simultaneously humorous and profound.

You’ll enjoy the easy-to-read, short chapters and engaging stories. Start learning the lessons Rebecca shares…

“I’ve really gained insight and tools as to how I should be navigating my way through life and interacting with others.” —Claudia Trujillo


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