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When people ask if you have a blog, you have to think a minute. You say “yes” since you started one a while ago. You just don’t post anything regularly.  And you have nearly no followers.

Google classifies it as an abandoned site, not a viable blog.

You want to have a blog that brings you new prospects, attracts media exposure and sells your products and services. You know it will take some work.  But you know that work can pay off, even if it takes a little while.

How do you get more followers? Solicit more engaged comments? Create and sell products from your postings? Use questions from your presentations to write useful content? Syndicate your postings to other sites? Get other bloggers to list your blog on their site, interview you, publish your guest posts and review your books? How do you know what your readers want to read?

So many questions. You need someone to walk you through the process in bite-sized steps so you can finally make your blog more effective and profitable. Your blog has been languishing too long. It’s time to do this!

If this sounds like you, then you are ready for this 4-week program to step you through the process. You’ll get weekly live group webinars with 30 to 60 minutes of homework each week to create what you need to produce for each step. We will review some of the attendees’ homework during the session and use their blogs to help illustrate points.

If you do the homework and attend each session, by the end of the 4th week your blog will be in much better shape and should be attracting new readers, comments, and perhaps media and money!

(If you haven’t read how a mini-course/coursette works, please do so now.)

Get started!

Session 1
Increase Your Blog’s Findability by Crystallizing Your Focus

The more narrow your blog’s focus, the more easily you’ll attract followers and the quicker it will rise in search results. We’ll discuss what Google looks for when ranking your blog and how to rise to the first page. You’ll understand the primary strategy around tagging your posts, adding SEO keywords, and how your posting frequency affects your blog’s findability.

Session 2
Posting Content Regularly So You’re Seen as an Expert

You gain blog followers when you write about topics of interest to them. But how do you determine what to write? How can you tell how many people are reading which posts?

The frequency of your posts helps you gather more followers, but what is the optimal frequency? What if you can’t think of anything to write?

A blog’s credibility is helped by relevant comments from readers, so how do you encourage them to write? (A little known fact is potential sponsors, advertisers and others who want to work with you judge your blog in part by the number and quality of the comments!)

This session answers these questions and more!

Session 3
Creating Alliances with Other Bloggers to Increase Readership and Sales

Bloggers are more approachable than other media producers so reach out to non-competitors serving the same market. There’s an easy way to find them and you may discover some already link to your blog. You can request they link to your site, post your content, interview you and/or review your products. You can even syndicate your content to multiple sites.

Session 4
Creating Books from Your Blog and Other Revenue Ideas

Some bloggers complain that they don’t know if it’s worth blogging as they have few readers. They’re focused on only one element of blog success. In this session, you’ll learn how to turn your blog content into books and other salable content, as well as ways to attract advertisers and sponsors.

What gives Rebecca the credibility to lead this coursette?

Rebecca started two blogs in May ’06. She wrote one anonymously on a topic she’d never written about before. Within 6 months it was listed as one of WordPress’ 100 fastest growing blogs – twice! It enabled her to be found and interviewed by the media (Wall Street Journal,, San Jose Mercury News, KCBS radio) before she published a book on the blog’s topic. In numerous sites, she was named one of the top experts in that blog’s focus. Then she parlayed her blog postings into 13 books and other products. For many years her blog was listed in the #1 spot on Google rankings for it’s popular keywords, out ranking other sites with deep pockets. With no outreach, the blog is listed in many major sites as one of the top 10 on its topic.

Her other blog, one focused more on her speaking, training and consulting, is syndicated to a top HR site and has one awards as one of the top 10 blogs in her area for 4 years in a row. She reuses her blog postings into her ezine and for other magazine articles. She’s published two books from this blog’s content.

Comments from previous attendees

“What I appreciated most about this coursette was the level was customized for my needs.  Rebecca knows how to make sure everyone is covered!”   Laurie Guest, CSP

“You have done a wonderful job of organizing this coursette.  It’s very well laid out and I am appreciating your subject matter expertise and I am also appreciating your ability to create such a focused learning plan. I had no idea a webinar could be so interactive and effective.  Purely from an instructional design perspective, my profs at Johns Hopkins would love your work!” –Karen Snyder

“Not only have I gotten very focused on my blogging this past month, but I’ve fine tuned the services, keywords, focus etc of my whole business.” –Maria Carlton

“Excellent coursette. Dynamic, valuable, fast moving, Rebecca Morgan’s  Maximze & Monetizing Your Blog is packed with practical tips to implement right away.  The course only ended yesterday and I’ve already seen in improvement in traffic and response.  Unbelievable — but true!” —Dorothy Wilhelm

“I had been blogging for six months and wondered why no one ever commented on my posts. Rebecca and my new-found buddies on her 4-week webinar course showed me the simple tools to invite readers to participate. Now my blog is a dialogue instead of a monologue. (If you take this course, Rebecca will show you why reader participation is so important.)

“Rebecca’s course is superior to other webinars because she has personally written over 2000 blog posts and connected with over 100 bloggers in the 8 years she has written her blogs. She is like a wise sister who knows what she is talking about and gives encouragement and advice from the depth of her experience. She also is not afraid to offer correction when when she sees a participant go off course.

“Thank you Rebecca for lifting the curtain and letting us see the inside workings of your blogs and by providing gentle guidance and critique to me and my blog. Rebecca, you are a true ‘giver’ and the advice you gave me personally is a tremendous return on my investment in your webinar.” –Mike Gouveia

“After taking Rebecca’s coursette, I found my ‘groove,’ and was able to post at least weekly on my specific topics. I am much more regular with my blogging.

“As a result, my traffic is increasing, slowly, but steadily. Different people are looking at my blog on different days for different content, which is great. The best thing is that I am writing my problem solving questions for adaptable leaders book (I’ll change the title!) one question at a time, each week. The people who do read the questions love them. They are really engaged. I get the feedback I need. It’s a win-win.” —Johanna Rothman

Comments from previous coursette attendees (that one was on giving teleseminars and webinars):

“Thank you so much for offering this coursette! I can’t tell you how many YEARS I have thought about doing a teleseminar or a webinar, and gotten nowhere. Within 3 weeks of your class, I came up with not only a teleseminar that is on my Website already (2 weeks after the coursette) but I also developed a webinar, and will launch that in another 2 weeks. You are an amazing teacher and so knowledgable about this topic. You’re patient and non-judgemental, and you took the mystery out of something I knew so little about. I am very grateful to you and your style of teaching.” –Huda Baak

“For someone considering doing webinars, this coursette was wonderfully reassuring to see that it was easily within reach.” –Dorothy Wilhelm 

“No nonsense. Straight to the point. Tons of tools and insights. Incredibly valuable experience. And a lot of fun. Don’t miss this opportunity to give yourself a ‘kick’ to get going on developing your own webinar series. Rebecca is the one!”  — Paul N Larsen

“In four very well put together sessions, Rebecca’s coursette kickstarted me to actually create and test out a webinar.  This is quite an achievement: I’ve been talking about doing a webinar for the last three years!  Rebecca is all action. And she’s the Queen of Content. Her credo: If you can sell what you know why are you sitting on it?  I’ve had immediate success: in the next three months my webinar will be available to thousands of students in India!  I’m so grateful to have Rebecca as a coach. She tunes into one’s possibilities with a laser focus. If you’re prepared to be successful, you’re ready for Rebecca.” —Ben Bernstein, PhD

Coursette Investment – 3 options        


  • Coursette only                                                                                  $399  
  • Coursette plus 1-hour individual coaching w/Rebecca           $649   
  • Coursette plus 3 months of coaching*                                        $3149
     *Coursette is then free!  With this option, you get up to an hour a week of coaching w/Rebecca to help you refine your blog and launch your blog-related products.


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