Making Money In Your Jammies: Create Revenue from Blogs, Teleseminars, Webinars and Related Products

1- to 2-hour presentation

You’ve heard that people make money from their blogs and teleseminars/webinars and subsequent products (MP3s, CDs, transcripts, online learning), but you don’t know how to make that happen. What are ways people actually do create revenue from these sources?

Ideally, you don’t want just one-time income — you want ongoing income. Learn how to create income from blogs, live teleseminars/webinars, recordings, transcripts, subscriptions and bundled related products.

In this engaging, fast-paced, interactive presentation, you will learn:

  • What types of income options are possible from your blog.
  • How to position your blog to attract pre-paid advertisers, possible sponsors and other revenue generators.
  • How you can create ongoing income from teleseminars or webinars.
  • How you can repackage your work (blog entries, teleseminar/recordings) into bigger products for more revenue.

Whether you’re a neophyte or veteran speaker/trainer/consultant, you’ll learn how to repurpose your intellectual capital to allow  you to  make lots more money that you don’t even have to get dressed to generate!

Come dressed in jammies if you want — but please wear something!

Auction a copy of the Jammies home-study course (electronic version) as a fundraiser for your chapter

Would you like to auction a donated copy of the Making Money In Your Jammies home-study course (electronic version) as a fundraiser for your chapter — and keep half of the proceeds? If so, I’m happy to donate, but please read how to make this work for both of us.

What NSA/GSF colleagues have said after attending this presentation:

“It was great to see you use those 2 hours to give so liberally the best of the best of your learning curve in these areas…it was truly an amazing presentation!! …What you did was model the Cavett Spirit so wonderfully.” –Naomi Rhode, CSP, CPAE

“Wow! Amazing! Wonderful!” –Joel Weldon, CSP, CPAE

“I took notes fast and furiously during her entire talk Monday night and am inspired to begin creating audio versions of my blog as an alternate channel of information sharing. Rebecca talked about the future of blooks, Vooks and other strange sounding, but imminent literary forms of the future. She likened Google to sharks looking for chum, and that our job is to provide as much chum as possible to bring the sharks to our message.

“Rebecca went on to tell us about the pros and cons of webinars and teleseminars — the educational tools of our present and future — how more people will download an MP3 of a workshop than will attend. What she continuously pointed to was the entrepreneur’s job of getting his/her message out frequently and in formats that can be easily accessed by an increasingly technological society. Yes, there were a few groans — more work for us — but also a wave of head-nodding in recognition that she was our seer and this truth was coming from the mountaintop where Rebecca lives.” —Jane Pollak

“You gave great content that I, for one, greatly appreciate. Thank you for sharing!!” —Abby Marks Beale

“Your program was awesome.” —Deanna Frazier

“It was an inspiring session you led us on Rebecca. Tremendous, practical content. Thank you!”  —Tim Durkin, CSP

“Rebecca’s business-growth advice is somewhere between wonderful and magnificent. For example, one ultra-profitable idea Rebecca gives is to take 2-3 page segments of your book, and publish those segments as blog posts. This instantly transforms my book writing into a method to publicize my book, develop a following of potential buyers, and also establish expertise.  This is only one of a wide array of tips and techniques Rebecca shares to grow your book sales, fame, and fortune. The session was magnificently practical to put into action.” —Michael Mercer, Ph.D.

“Thank you for your jammies presentation at NSA/LA chapter. You have a very practical teaching style. I am already using things that I learned from you that day.” —Andrew Svehaug

“Thanks for the great content and for lighting a path for me to start running down. I have a realistic way to get to a book in 30 days. I am surprised at how much action you have inspired, I expected content. I got much more. Your vetted vendor list looks to be priceless and I have bookmarked your landing page.” —Bill Lynch

“Rebecca Morgan’s ‘Making Money In Your Jammies’ presentation was really terrific. It was directed perfectly for the audience of speakers, trainers, consultants, coaches and authors. Her strengths are repurposing one’s content (intellectual property) for different media (books, eBooks, MP3s, CDs, transcripts, online learning, teleseminars) and different audiences. She was the BEST presentation of the whole National Speakers Association convention.” —Peter Temple, President, CAPS Calgary

“Your presentation has profoundly affected the way I look at my business — thanks!” —Chuck Hansen

Wow, Rebecca!  Our chapter is still buzzing with all the great ideas you shared about how teleseminars can enhance our businesses.  Nobody knows it better than you and the secrets you shared about blogging and blooking will put real money into our speakers’ pockets. Thanks for bringing us indispensable tools to thrive in this or any economy.  We are big fans!” –Cathy Lewis, President NSA Virginia

“Those of us who were there gained valuable knowledge and those who weren’t do not realize what they lost! It is their loss! You made the session well worth the time with valuable and thought-provoking information. It is obvious you have so much more to offer, that now I have to figure out how I can get in on some of your seminars, and I know others want to as well. You are truly ‘queen,’ ‘princess,’ ‘diva,’ ‘goddess’ of your craft. You are a treasure!” —Daniel Moirao

“Terrific session. Thank you for sharing your magnificence. You had information that was relevant to everyone, no matter their level. You left people with a strong impression of a really top-notch session. Whoever didn’t bother to come to the meeting today, I hope they are sorry when they hear about it. Great job!” —Ken Braly

“Your presentation was thought provoking, educational and doable. I am looking forward to writing my blog entry today.” —Shirley Burke

“I’m inspired to take my 18 months of blog posts and figure out how to arrange them in a book!!” —Paula Shoup

“Thank you for the informative session. Thanks for so openly sharing the blue print to your success and helping us to key into webinars & teleseminars. It’s made me realize that I’m missing a personal earning opportunity in not putting my stuff out there in webinars, blogs, teleseminars, etc. As a result of your presentation, I’ve taken steps to become much more blog focused.”—Nick Perrin

“This was my first NSA meeting and I thought your session was by far the most valuable of the day! I love the cutting-edge, hands-on information you gave — you really opened my mind to new possibilities!”  —Cynthia Stott

“Rebecca’s session was packed with content and I took pages of notes.”—Susan Keane Baker, CSP

“Rebecca’s ideas are great. I need to create more products that I can sell year after year, like Rebecca does. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us.” —Mark Anthony Germanos

“I wanted to let you know, once again, how much I enjoyed your presentation to our NSA/CO chapter. Lots of great content delivered in a highly entertaining manner.” —Dick Bruso

“Thanks again for the amazing, valuable and fun sessions and for contributing your time and expertise! You gave great, profitable examples that it all starts with content, content, content. A blog can become books which may sprout mini books, webinars, articles, etc. I’m already applying your great ideas. I did (and do) appreciate your realistic, you can get started today, advice and direction. Thank you for the inspiration!” —Dawn Bjork Buzbee

Thank you so much for speaking to NSA CO! I really enjoyed your presentation and got lots of great useable info from it.  I wanted to let you know how much you were appreciated.” —Kris Harty

“Let me just say that you are clearly brilliant and know what the he!! you’re doing.” –Nancy Charles

“Rebecca’s ‘Making Money in Your Jammies’ program was chock-full of great, immediately doable ideas. Her warm personality and slipper-clad feet made for a great session!” —Nancy Noonan

“Thank you for your excellent contribution at the PSA Spring Convention — most impressive!” —Michael John Smithson

“Your session at GSS Holland was so helpful, sitting in my jammies, thinking of you as I type up my notes. Thank you!” —Eilidh Milnes

“Rebecca Morgan’s presentation, ‘Make Money in Your Jammies’ was full of real-world, usable examples, which she delivered with humor and relevant stories. Most importantly, Rebecca’s skillful presentation style included everyone in the audience — no matter what their experience. Each of us left with a plan to build revenue and important resources which Rebecca willingly shared.” —Joanne S. Black

“Just wanted to let you know what I have accomplished since I heard your Jammies talk and got the brief hot seat 1.5 weeks ago:

1. Figured out how to “shorten” my blogs.
2. Contacted my web person to make some design changes.
3. Created seven special reports.
4. Offered a complimentary special report to two different audiences with terrific and appreciative response.

“Your dynamite attitude and energy has got me going!” —Patricia Morgan

“Thanks again for the valuable information you provided when you spoke at CAPS.”  —Kit Grant, CSP, Hall of Fame

“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and was engaged from start to finish.” —Lea Brovedani, President, CAPS Halifax Chapter

“I particularly appreciated your boldness, openness, light-hearted communication style that provided depth and enjoyment combined with honesty and generosity! I loved your ‘Making Money In Your Jammies’ presentation. Magnificent!”  —John Meluso, CSP

“Great session Rebecca. Already started implementing some ideas.” –Warren Greshes, CSP, CPAE

“One week later and already making money from Rebecca Morgan’s session ‘Making Money in Your Jammies.’ That’s the mark of a great session.” –Warren Greshes, CSP, CPAE

“Thank you again for your ‘Jammies’ presentation at NSA’11. It was the first of the sessions that really blew my mind. As I walked out, I didn’t want anyone to jostle me in case all of the ideas fell out my ears. Between you and Ford Saeks, I now have a list of projects that will last me until next year!” —Greg Peters

“Loved your session, as always.” —Mary Kelly

“I attended your ‘jammies’ session at the NSA convention and I was inspired to pursue the webinar/teleseminar/virtual workshops idea. Thanks for inspiring me!” —Whitney Thompson

“Thank you for presenting your program ‘Making Money in Your Jammies’ — it created a lot of buzz! Great ideas!” –Bonnie Mattick

“Thank you for your fabulous session – I needed the CD, because I just couldn’t write that fast.” –Catherine Palin-Brinkworth

“Rebecca Morgan is a brilliant, successful, and articulate speaker, consultant, and trainer who shares her lessons learned in clear actionable items. She is generous in her offerings and is tuned-in to helping the speaker geometrically increase business through multi-purposing and strategic focus. Our deepest thank you for sharing her brilliance with our group, our lights shine brighter because of her.” — Gabriela Cora, MD, MBA

“I found your program to be highly inspirational because I have some varied areas of expertise that I want to use and I see in your business model that it can be done.” –Tyrone Holmes, Ed.D, CPT

“The knowledge and wisdom you shared was relevant, current and cutting-edge. You exemplified the ‘Spirit of Cavett’ in every thing you shared and the way you shared it. Wow — You Are the BEST!!!!!” –Maureen Mulvaney   

“I heard you speak at NSA AZ. You were fabulous. Lots of meaty content.” –Debby Raposa

“I learned a massive amount from you.” –Jacques de Villiers, 2013/14 President, Pro. Speakers Assn of So. Africa

“I would like to say a huge thank you for the talk this evening. You have inspired me to try something new and different. Your insights were awesome.” –Jason Sandler, Cape Town

“”Out of all the NSA presentations I have attended, yours was the best. You have done so many creative things and gave me some great ideas. Had a lot of ah-ha moments. Have been wanting to create that have-computer-will-travel lifestyle for a long time and now am very excited. Thanks for contributing to my success in a big way today!” –Melanie Bragg

“I can tell you how AWESOME Rebecca’s presentation was! She gave A LOT of practical (translation: useful) information that we could use IMMEDIATELY. Rebecca is not big on theory (just like her SpeakerNet News teleseminars). She IS big on giving you information you can use and apply right away. Rebecca is a wonderful presenter as well. Very personable. If you ever have the opportunity to see her speak, make sure you are there! You will walk away with a bunch of useful information.” –Mark Struczewski

NSA/LV got into the Jammies theme and some dressed in their flannels. So fun! We had a great — and relaxed — day talking about Making Money In Your Jammies!

Special Note to Program Chairs

Some chapters like to give a gift to their presenters. Although this isn’t required, if you do, please keep in mind your event may be at the start of a multi-city tour, so bulky/heavy items will be difficult to transport. So I’d prefer a donation to one of these non-profits close to my heart: www.twcctw.org or  www.BooksForTreats.org. If your chapter gives gift cards, please make it for Amazon as I don’t drink coffee/tea so a Starbucks card is wasted, and I don’t go to Barnes and Noble.

Meeting Support Materials

Download the handout. While there is color on these masters, I know it may be prohibitive to duplicate in color. Not to worry — they duplicate fine in black and white. However, I would appreciate it if you duplicate them 2-sided to save some trees! A staple in the upper left is perfect.

We can use the last two pages for the auction of the handout (the order form), if you decide to do an auction. Otherwise, I’ll be discussing them as a sample of how to create bundles.

Download Rebecca’s introduction

Download Rebecca’s professional picture

In addition to this 1- to 2-hour presentation, this can also be delivered in a 1-hour teleseminar or webinar, a 1/2-day or full-day roll-up-your-sleeves workshop, a home-study program or an in-depth, 6-part webinar series. All are packed with ideas on how to apply the concepts to each person’s area of expertise and new ideas they hadn’t considered. Or you’ll get the maximum results from custom mentoring, engage Rebecca as your coach/mentor.

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