I will donate one copy of my Making Money In Your Jammies home-study program (electronic version) to your chapter to auction off as a fund raiser and we split the revenue from the highest bidder.

Here’s how to get the highest bid:
  • It needs to be a live auction, not a silent auction. You get much more buzz and fervor — thus higher, more enthusiastic bids!
  • In your meeting announcement state that you’ll be auctioning this. In the email and the meeting info web page (with a link to the home-study program web page or the PDF of the flyer) tell your members that if they aren’t attending the meeting (a board member’s name) will be their proxy to bid for them. “Email (board member’s name) and your top bid amount and if you win, we’ll contact you for payment info.” This will allow you to get more people bidding.
  • At the meeting make sure everyone gets the home-study program promotional flyer at the beginning of the meeting — not just before the auction. (Download the most recent flyer. It’s OK to reproduce it in B&W.)
  • Near the beginning of the meeting announce that you’re going to auction “Rebecca Morgan’s popular Making Money in Your Jammies home-study program at the end of the meeting, with 50% of the proceeds going to the chapter.” Hold up the flyer and say that “it is an in-depth, how-to series that will enable you to create more income from your intellectual property — while in your jammies!” This will give meeting attendees time to think about if they want to bid on the home-study program. Some people can’t make snap decisions so giving them a little advance notification and several reminders will help the bids go higher. Also stress that there will be only *one* lucky winner and if it’s not them they can buy it at the regular price. Ask me to come up and explain what they will get if they win. Interview me so it doesn’t appear as a sales pitch!

Remind them at the break. Then at the end of the meeting before you do your closing announcements (and everyone’s still in the room), do the auction. Have someone who’s done auctions before be the auctioneer as you’ll get higher bids. It usually takes 5 minutes, depending on how many are bidding. Even those not bidding seem to be engaged as they want to see who wins. Also, if the auctioneer is good s/he will tease the high rollers into bidding and continuing to bid. I’ve even had people buy them as a gift for friends, family members and mentees.

Then email me who won, with their email address so I can send them the link to the files.

Sometimes, if there are several people bidding feverishly, I may on the spur of the moment after the bidding is closed and we have a winner, offer the other person the same deal. However, please know I’ll only split the revenue from the one top bidder.

Please PayPal me my share (please choose Send $ to a Friend so neither of us pays a fee) to . I travel so much, checks are not good.

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