Please download this document and complete it by the first session. You only need to return  page 1.

Webinar login info

A week or so before the first webinar, I’ll send you a link to register with the webinar host. There is no charge for you to do this. However, if you do it when you receive my email, you’ll then automatically get reminders of the sessions and your individual login info.


Along with the login info, you’ll be given a link to a page with our handout. Please download it as we’ll follow it closely.

Webinar Recordings

Within 24 hours of each session, I’ll post the link on our private webinar page. This page’s URL will come to you beforehand.

Vetted Vendors

This is the list of suppliers I’ve used and recommended. I’ll update it as needed, so bookmark that page.

Please help spread the word!

I’d appreciate it if you’d email people you think would be interested and/or post it to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Here are some samples — feel free to add your own comments.

Earn revenue from your knowledge -— without even getting dressed! Rebecca Morgan’s unique “Making Money In Your Jammies” 6-part webinar series shows you how. She’ll share details on how you can create income-producing webinars, teleseminars, books from your blog, eBooks, MP3s/CDs, and subsequent products. Get early-bird rate on webinar course. Includes monthly follow-up calls and covetted Vetted Vendor list.
Rebecca Morgan’s “Making Money In Your Jammies” 6-part webinar series shows how to create money-making products.

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