1/2-Day Workshop

Making Money In Your Jammies — Roll-Up-Your-Sleeves 1/2-Day Workshop

(3-3.5 hours)
This is only offered in conjunction with an NSA or CAPS chapter presentation

You know some of what is possible to increase your revenue from blogs, books, eBooks, teleseminars, webinars, etc. But where should you start? How do you know what people will buy? How do you market to them?

In this participatory, high-content workshop, you’ll not only hear expanded information on how you can repurpose your intellectual capital into income-producing products/services, but you’ll have opportunities to talk through some of your ideas with your colleagues. Also, a few people will get hot-set time to work 1-on-1 with Rebecca in front of the group so everyone learns from their real situations.

This workshop is an intensive, hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves jam-packed half day designed to give you specifics of increasing your jammies income, starting with the right strategy for getting what you want, clarifying and outlining your next product/service, and enlisting expert resources to help if needed — vetted high-quality resources who can help you get it done quickly, at a reasonable cost.

After working with Rebecca, clients have created new products within a week. If you are ready to get moving quickly, this is a must-attend session.

Bonuses for pre-registered attendees

Monthly Group Call

A complimentary monthly group call to work on ideas to increase jammies income. A few people each month will get brief hot seats.

Vetted Vendor List

In 30 years in business, Rebecca has checked out many suppliers. A few stand out as responsive, creative, professional, easy to work with, high quality and reasonably priced. Rebecca’s vetted vendors promise quick turnaround. These include: graphic designers, blog implementers, editors/proofreaders, recording engineers (for teleseminars/CDs/MP3s), CD/DVD duplicators, video producers (for demos and YouTube), self-publishing coaches, printers. (You will engage those you need separately — their fees are separate from the tuition.)

Coaching Available

Rebecca will not only going to give you lots of specific detailed info, but provide reasonably priced 1-on-1 coaching afterwards to suss through which strategy and tactics make sense for your goals, style and expertise. You know you need a guiding hand to actually produce what you want quickly, with high quality, for the lowest price. If you know you create the best results with a guide/mentor/coach working with you as you create new offering, Rebecca can help.
An in-depth, 6-part webinar course is also available.

Upcoming 1/2-day workshops

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