Client Results

Rebecca has created strategies and implementation plans for lots of people. See if any of these examples are similar to what you want to create.

  • One client went from talking about having a book for 13 years to having his beautiful self-published book in hand within 6 months of engaging Rebecca. She helped him find a cover designer, printer, and strategize sponsors and pre-launch sales so his first printing sold out within 3 weeks of the launch.
  • Another client had a series of public seminars scheduled, but no product to sell. Rebecca strategized the best kind of product and topic to produce, then recorded structured interviews with him to create a 6-CD set. She hooked him up with a great sound editor, graphic artist and CD duplicator, so within a month he had the finished product in hand to sell BOR.
  • A client hadn’t realized her print and online image reflected who she was 10 years ago, not the current accomplished, well-respected high-fee speaker, author and consultant. Rebecca suggested creating an 8-page magalog as a handout, including a bundled product order form. Working with a graphic artist, Rebecca oversaw the strategy and creation and it was ready to print in a week.
  • A client wanted to offer workshops, but her contact list was geographically disbursed. Rebecca designed a 6 bi-weekly teleseminar series for her, which she now offers 6x/year.

Roberta Guise“Rebecca is without doubt the ‘coach’s coach.’ She has answers and insights to every question or issue I throw at her, plus she’s guiding me to actions that are yielding results.” —Roberta Guise, Guise Marketing & PR

  • A client didn’t know how to meld her speaking topic with her avocation of hula dancing. Rebecca came up with HULA as an acronym to explain her main points, including teaching her groups hula moves to cement the concepts. Rebecca walked her through how to make products to sell back of the room at her Hawaiian-themed table. She now stands out when speaking alongside droning talking-head, PowerPoint-dependent speakers.
  • A well-established speaker/consultant wanted to stop flying around the country and create more non-airplane income. In a few hours she helped her client create a package that will net $100,000 within 90 days of launch.
  • A well-niched consultant/coach wanted to increase her non-airplane offerings. Rebecca developed a plan which allowed her client to increase the product offer by 1,000%.
  • A nationally known consultant wanted to create a CD to sell to her contacts. After reviewing the potential market, Rebecca prevented her from launching an expensive CD product that wouldn’t recoup the investment based on the marketing base.
  • An international trainer wanted to sell more to each client. Rebecca created a plan for her client to sell 3,000 units of a product to previous customers who wanted to cement her message in their organizations.

Josiane Feigon“You have been fantastic to work with! You’ve been such a great consultant on how to best streamline my process of selling, delivering and developing my material.” —Josiane Feigon

  • A beloved speaker/entertainer had a new product ready to print, but she didn’t know how she was going to sell it. Rebecca created a strategy to pre-sell 10,000 units to one client with a phone call.
  • A long-established sales trainer wanted to add product with little work. Rebecca co-created a teleseminar series that will not only yield income from the teleseminar and CD, but will increase the client’s speaking/training bookings immediately.
  • A new speaker/author wanted to create a system for her audience members to implement her concepts. Rebecca designed a coaching package for the client to sell to her ezine and audience members.
  • One client wanted to know how to increase the sales per customer. Rebecca bundled the product to increase the average sale — and profit — by 20%.

Barbara Morris“You really gave me a whack on the side of the head. I’d thought about coaching but couldn’t figure out how to get paid for it. I’ll work on setting up the program you designed immediately.” —Barbara Morris

  • A sales trainer wanted to know how to sell to the same customer base beyond a one-time seminar. Rebecca created an immediate, ongoing product/service that the speaker is implementing to cement her presence with her target market and make gobs of money!
  • A new speaker wanted to get a major publisher to publish her already-written book. Rebecca helped her see how she could have copies of her book in a month, sell books as part of her presentation fee, and still seek an agent and publisher.
  • A veteran consultant wanted to know how to use his new book as a door-opener. Rebecca created a strategy to get referrals from current clients using his book, as well as a clever gimmick to get the attention of business book reviewers.
  • A speaker wanted to create an audio introduction of her services and unique philosophies. Rebecca chunked her content into four downloadable files she could send prospects, have on her web site, and upload to iTunes.
  • An industry expert wanted CDs to sell BOR at his next engagement. Rebecca refined his concept to include elements with much higher value and spun his initial CD idea into 6 CDs which could sell BOR individually or as a pre-packaged bundle.
  • A veteran consultant had health issues which limited her ability to deliver her expertise real time. Rebecca helped her position herself in a new niche and create products to support her brand so she could still profit from her intellectual capital.

Producing my book, expanding my speaking business and upgrading my web site were all “on hold” as all my energy went to putting out fires.  As my dreams slipped further away I got increasingly frustrated. Until I started working with Rebecca. In six short months she has coached me to remarkable results: my book is now published (I sold out  of the first printing in 3 months); clients are agreeing to my full fee  — and paying in advance; and my web site is something I’m proud of  instead of embarrassed by. Rebecca ideas and step-by-step coaching have put an extra $27,000 in my pocket in just these last 6 months.

The increase is a result of two things: my having a dream of how I could genuinely contribute to people’s lives, and Rebecca believing in me. I can truly say that Rebecca’s careful listening and her practical, resourceful suggestions have made the difference. She has that all-too- rare mix of no nonsense tell-it-like-it-is with humor and compassion. After a coaching session with Rebecca, I don’t just feel good, I get things done. If you want to accomplish your true dreams, coach with Rebecca Morgan. She’s brilliant.
–Ben Bernstein, Ph.D., Performance Psychologist and author, The Workbook for Test Success.

Of course, Rebecca can create the strategy and implementation plan for you, but you have to do the execution. However, you can engage Rebecca to help coach you along the way. Review your options.

“I took Rebecca Morgan’s program and was coached by her. I’ve had projects sitting in my head for years. With one weekend with her along with follow-up coaching, I’ve not only implemented ALL OF THEM, I’ve moved on to my ‘hope to do them sometime in the next 5-10 years.’ All this within one year! This is a “must do” for anyone serious about product ideas and implementation!” –Linda Lenore




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