Making Money In Your Jammies Home-Study Course + 6 hrs consultation (Early Bird)




  • 28 Cut-to-the-Chase Video Lessons

Each lesson focus on a different element of jammies-income product development and sales. You’ll get plenty of examples of products you can create quickly — in fact, you may have the components to do so immediately! Rebecca put together 4 books each in less than a week by redeploying intellectual capital she already had written. Or maybe creating recordings from teleseminars is easier for you. You’ll get dozens of ideas you can create rapidly and then sell to existing customers or new ones.

  • Extensive, Follow-Along Workbook

The extensive workbook captures the key ideas from the recordings, giving you space to make notes. You also get an action planner to log the specific ideas you want to make happen for your business. There are also lots of links to examples and resources listed. You’ll find yourself referring back to the workbook over and over again.

  • One-on-One Consultation with Rebecca

You’ll get from 1 to 26 hours of Rebecca’s individual focus on you, your business, your products and how to create more jammies income with your material. (Then number of hours depeNo fluff — laser-focused ideas and step-by-step guidance to add more products — and income — to your business.

  • Vetted Vendor List

In 30 years in business, Rebecca has checked out many suppliers. A few stand out as responsive, creative, professional, easy to work with, high-quality and reasonably priced. Rebecca’s vetted vendors promise quick turnaround. These include: graphic designers, blog implementers, webmasters, editors/proofreaders, recording engineers (for teleseminars/CDs/MP3s), CD/DVD duplicators, video producers (for demos and YouTube), self-publishing coaches, printers. It is currently 14 pages packed with vendors Rebecca has used and trusts. It will be updated as new resources are added.(You will engage those you need separately — their fees are separate from the tuition.)

  • Automatic Updates

Updated files will be added to the private members-only page so you’ll always get the most recent information on new ways to make money from your jammies. The industry is changing rapidly so rather than try to keep current with it yourself, Rebecca will cull the most practical and innovative ideas and share them on the page.


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