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Section 1: Introduction, State of the Industry, Making Money with Teleseminars/Webinars

Listen to This First!

1.1 Introduction of Rebecca

1.2 Benefits of Jammies Income

1.3 State of the Industry

1.4 Some Context

1.5 Creating Your Strategy

1.6 Making Money from Teleseminars/Webinars

1.7 Topics, Marketing and Pricing

1.8 Getting Started and Tips

Section 2: Making Money From Your Blog

2.1 How Blogs Bring Prospects to You

2.2 Beauty of Blogging

2.3 Making Money From Your Blog

2.4 Getting Started, More Visitors and More Comments

2.5 Syndicating Your Blog

Section 3: Books, Blooks, Special Reports, eBooks, Booklets, Recordings

3.1 Creating Books and Blooks

3.2 Self-Publishing Your Book

3.3 Ebooks, eBooklets and Special Reports

3.4 Creating Home-Study Courses and Workbooks

3.5 Bundling Products for Bigger Sales

3.6 Selling Your Recordings

Section 4: Increasing Your Sales Through Bundles, Upselling, Ezines, and Coaching

4.1 More Electronically Deliverable Products

4.2 Sell Subscriptions

4.3 Membership Sites

4.4 Using Ezines to Redeploy Content and Make Sales

Correction: In 4.4 I refer to a program as “iChimp” — should be MailChimp.

4.5 Virtual Coaching

4.6 Related Products

4.7 Pre-Sell Products

Correction: In 4.7 when I tell the story of Dave Richardson, I say the men are shopping for wedding rings. I should have said engagement rings.

4.8 Shopping Carts

4.9 Conclusion

Bonus recordings

Barbara McNichol interviews Rebecca for the NSA Writer’s PEG on how to turn blog entries into books (1 hr)
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Infopreneur marketing guru Robert Middleton interviews Rebecca. (80 minutes)
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Unedited live presentation for the Professional Speakers Assn. of South Africa. (45 minutes)
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