Make Money from Your Knowledge — Without Even Getting Dressed!
  • You know you’re not maximizing your income opportunities by repackaging your intellectual capital.
  • You’d like to travel less or be able to be choosier about the engagements you take.
  • You want to blizzard-proof, H1N1-proof, volcano-proof and recession-proof your speaking/training/consulting/coaching business.
  • You know you are leaving money on the table by not having product to pre-sell, offer BOR, sell online and/or promote as follow-up reinforcement.
  • You’d like to create electronically deliverable products that you don’t have to manufacture or ship.
  • You want to create products that produce revenue for years.
  • You long to make money providing excellent products/services from anywhere in the world — whether in Brunei or your bedroom — in your shorts, in your jammies, or while you’re sleeping.

You will make lots more money that you don’t even have to get dressed to generate!

Watch this funny video NSA/North Texas used to promote my sessions with them!

Watch these brief videos to see what participants got from the presentation.